On a “bet” from one of my closest friends, I was told that because of my attention to detail and taste for that “perfect looking lawn,” that I would make a great landscaper. I took my friend up on the challenge and created a hydroseeding division on my existing business, then I started installing irrigation systems and it just grew from there, to a point where I needed an identity and a name for this company…..thus Ultragreen was born.

We have done simple little garden watering systems to elaborate hospital and wellness complexes, to donating our services for the installation of irrigation systems at our local baseball parks. We have graded and hydroseeded projects as large as 16 acres, and as small as repairing bare spots on residential and commercial properties.

We are a full service irrigation and seeding company with a very knowledgeable and caring staff. We would like to think each customer, large or small, becomes part of a growing family. We often spend several moments each day getting to know more about our clients and their lives. Its what we live for!



I grew up in Madison, having enjoyed college at UW Platteville in the early 80’s, and I’m a proud father of two beautiful girls and a grandpa to a wonderful grandson. I have always worked long hours and pushed to build a company that I can be proud of and the community can rely on for 100 years to come. In my life, I’ve learned to focus more on family and their needs, as the rewards are endless. My background through most of my training and desire to be a top customer service company is paramount. My technical background in the petroleum business has reinforced my belief in details and precision and what that means to my clients. I provide a top scale service and support staff. I pride myself on fixing problems no one can or will do or do right. This and passion to be the best separates us from our competition. We all make mistakes, but how you resolve yours is how you are judged by your peers. We excel in smiles.

I started this company out of a personal dare from a good friend and its grown leaps and bounds from then. My original background is in the petroleum industry and I have been operating a full service and repair business in that field for over twenty-three years. I have taken what I have learned over the years in that business to compliment Ultragreen. Ultragreen was officially established in 1999 on a limited basis just doing hydroseeding for residential and parade home and light commercial. As each client’s needs increased so did our need to venture out into other avenues of the lawn trade, as in irrigation, grading and landscaping. We have established ourselves as a premier mowing and maintenance company for many major branded companies in several cities, like Taco Bell, Perkins and various other commercial and residential facilities. We are commonly asked to perform grading and seeding services for sites exceeding 15+ acres, and doing full ground up installs for places like Kwik Trip and sports fields. We have the gear, and if we don’t, we know who does and get them on the job to assist as needed.

Snow plowing started years ago. We have been very strong in that department as well. In the off-season we are clearing and salting some of the largest surface areas in the Midwest.

I love what I do, ask anyone, it’s my passion…it’s my life. I’m lucky to have made this life choice and blessed that I’ve had good people around me all these years who helped to build us to where we are today.